Here are some of the reasons why you can fully trust the services of Cyber Security Consulting:

  • Affordable

We understand how important security is for everyone, and we believe that security consultancy should be offered at affordable cost.

  • Better

With an individual approach towards each customer, we offer one of the best services in the industry. Automated tests are only run in the background, while members of our teams are working on every single security issue of your site, network, or infrastructure.

  • Creative

Hackers are getting more and more creative. Well, so are we. With the shift towards client-side attacks, it is no longer enough to apply the latest patches and use the latest virus definitions. Even on the most restricted networks or on fully patched servers, we will use the creativity of the hacker's mind to find a way in.

  • Devoted

Should you choose to work with us, you will get a dedicated team of security consultants available at any time for the duration of the project.

  • Easy

Working with us is easy. No 1337 speak or high-tech talks: final reports are understandable, with all the technicalities included at the end.

  • Flexible

The best service we offer is the flexibility with which we work with our customers to provide a service and a report that fits their requirements.

To see the rest of the alphabet in action, contact us for a quote.